Women and childbearing age
Nearly two thirds (2/3) are single mothers of 20 years and most of them are already dead due to HIV/AIDS, leaving orphans behind.
The majority of AIDS cases in women are caused by implants or heterosexual contact.
When HIV positive women are primarily caretakers, they often place their needs far below the needs of their family.
HIV becomes a family issue that imposes Social, Psychological, and economical burden that may trigger a family crisis.
Women balance their need for health care of their children, housing, food etc.
Disclosing HIV status in rural areas in Langas may trigger discrimination.
Langas has the 3rd highest rate of prenatal transmission in the town
As for teenage pregnancies -many of these teens do not obtain prenatal care thus causing a higher rate of prenatal transmission.
The number of children diagnosed with aids has not declined .as there is lack of women research conducted on women as it relates to HIV.
MISSION: The L.W.G.C HIV Services Planning Council is dedicated to the coordination and provision of quality health and human services for people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in the service delivery area of Langas estate Eldoret town.
Develop a profile describing the current epidemiology.
Clarify and define the role of the fault community in ideas continuum of care and services.
Identify opportunity for collaboration, reducing duplication and building capacity.
Develop specific goals, timelines, measurable objective and implementation plans for future direction of Langas HIV services Council.
· Objectives: Feed Orphans (Treatment)
· Clothing Distressed. Poverty, famine, disease, and natural disaster reduction.
· To spread the word of God, by religious preaching of the Gospel.
· To assist windows and Orphans and needing people, street children
· To establish or assist established of workshop, Seminars conference.
· To produce record and Publish Bible training programs and material through the media Audio or Visual aid for promotion of the objects of the Society.
· A none political organization.
· Mobilized all resources at the trust disposal to sensitive and train communities on HIV/AIDS and related services, famine, disease, and etc.
· Design and implement programs aimed at alleviating poverty within the community.
· Access education services to the Slums through sponsorship of Orphaned children to attend formal education.
· Offer Vocational training in marketable skill as a way of raising living standards to unemployed youths and adults.
Provide financial and technical assistance for assisting the poor and Slum dwellers take care of the vulnerable groups in the Community

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