Preach to All Unreached Living Ministries
After our marriage we realized God's purpose that He has called us to be the pioneer missionaries to a Tribe called Hakki-Pikki, A wandering and hunting  tribal group in Karnataka, Who are spread all over India. We fasted, prayed and decided to go to that tribe as missionaries and to start our ministry in Karnataka, since this is the burden of Yesudass. This state is the least evangelized state in south India. So we left our comfortable jobs in Chennai and came to Kolar Gold fields of Karnataka in 2000 AD. After that we started pasturing a Church called Church of Jesus Christ, which was established by Yesudass's father. Which is an independent Church (It has no relationship with the Mormons) There we started Sunday school, Night school, Women's fellowship, Cottage ministry and regular Lord's Supper. When we stepped into this Church only 4 believers were attending on Sundays, When we left that Church in 2006 the Church attendance has raised to 60 Believers. Glory be to the Lord of Harvest. This church was started in 1964, from that time onwards it has a pastor, after our arrival he became the senior Pastor. He never bothered about the development of the believers and biblical truths were not taught to the people. For about 36 years it has no Sunday school. The congregation was not taught about the value of giving tithes and offerings. For a long time there was no communion service at all. But as soon as we came we started all these programs with much opposition from the Senior Pastor. At the same time we started our ministry in the nearby villages under the banner of PAUL Ministries.
Under the banner of PAUL Ministries, we are serving the Lord in the remote and tribal areas. Myself and Yesudass concentrate on the Hakki-Pikki tribes of Shimoga. Today we have 700+ believers from this tribe, with much opposition the Lord is graciously helping us to plant the seeds of His kingdom among this tribes. We could able to motivate the Believing Parents to send their Children to the Schools and for the first time the Hakki-Pikki Children are attending schools, They don't discipline their Children but now they give much attention to discipline their Children, Even today most of the people are hunting in the forests and living a nomadic life. This is the time for our generation to fulfill the great commission among this tribe. And also we serve among the people groups called Chakali (Washer man community) Meda (Basket weavers) Vadda (Quarry workers) Adi-Karnataka (cobblers and Scavengers) So far we have trained 30 pastors, five pastors from each of the above people groups. We have planted 30 House Churches. Every house Church has a congregation of 50-70 believers and many are added everyday to the Church. We do the follow-up work. Apart from giving training we also conduct Pastor's conference every year for the trained evangelists and to the local pastors. We also distributed clothes, tooth pastes and tooth brushes for the poor and needy people. This year we have conducted the Eye Clinics and scanned the eyes and provided corrective lenses to 500 people. We also distribute Bibles for the needy people for which we need to thank you for helping us with the needed bibles. We also distributed 150 Children picture Bibles in 3 Indian languages. We have provided Bicycles to 4 Pastors.