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As most of our partners know we at His Will Ministry take prayer very seriously. Our prayer team supervisor, Mary Warner, currently has 44 prayer lines we partner with.  It is not unusual for Mary and Pastor A. J.  to pray over 44 pages of prayers a night at the ministry office.    For this reason  His Will Ministry has acquired  the operations of the Global Prayer Warriors organization. We combined with Global Prayer Warriors.  This has created a prayer network with a nationwide and worldwide reach.  The Global Prayer arm of His Will Ministry gets an average  175,000 hits each year.   Our prayer team supervisor Mary Warner, with the help of our global prayer team have taken charge of the daily prayer lists. Please check out the web page www.globalprayerwarriors.org   we have made some changes.  You can now go to several Christian news services. You can review the most recent prayer requests.  We are in a continuing  process of up grading the prayer services and the ministry.
His Will Ministry has partnered with Bishop Peter Mwangi in caring for orphans in Kenya.  We have to date rebuilt two orphanages, (see orphans page) started a computer school, (see computer school page)  opened areas for growing crops  and provide for the orphans.  Through God's supply we have been able to network together several Pastors and individuals who care for the local orphans into a Christ centered living environment for the forgotten children of the area.  Everyday the Lord is opening doors to grow this outreach.
His Will Ministry partnership with Bishop Peter has extended to humanitarian outreach to help those in the most need. (see benevolent page)

Pastor Yesudass and His Wife Gracy teamed up with HWM to reach their area of India.  Here is just a little of their story.   After our marriage we realized God's purpose that He has called us to be the pioneer missionaries to a Tribe called Hakki-Pikki, A wandering and hunting  tribal group in Karnataka, Who are spread all over India. We fasted, prayed and decided to go to that tribe as missionaries and to start our ministry in Karnataka, since this is the burden of Yesudass. This state is the least evangelized state in south India. So we left our comfortable jobs in Chennai and came to Kolar Gold fields of Karnataka in 2000 AD. After that we started pasturing a Church called Church of Jesus Christ, which was established by Yesudass's father. Under the banner of PAUL Ministries, we are serving the Lord in the remote and tribal areas. Myself and Yesudass concentrate on the Hakki-Pikki tribes of Shimoga. Today we have 700+ believers from this tribe, with much opposition the Lord is graciously helping us to plant the seeds of His kingdom among this tribes.
        With the help of HWM the Lord has expanded their vision for this area of India.  HWM currently helps the local orphans with school fees etc.  In 2008 HWM helped Pastor Yesudass travel to Cambodia to learn a new type of ceramic water filter technic to help the local people.  Pastor Yesudass lives in the Kolar Gold fields area and much of their ground water is contaminated.  HWM has supplied bibles, teaching aids and witnessing tracts  to the nearby Bible College.  (see Bibles page) Through the Lords leading we are now reaching to out lying ministries to aid their work for the kingdom of God!

Pastor Reuben Rai of Nepal
Pastor Reuben first contacted the ministry for help with his Christian sports outreach.  Here is a little of his story:  I saw children did not go to school because they did not have the school bag to carry their books. I have been carrying this bag for three years and you did not buy me one new, I heard them saying. (These kids had brought their parents to the Lord.) The Lord told me to bless these kids with the school bags.  In Nepal, poor people struggle to send their children to the school. I have donated school bags to other children as well and I would like to donate as the need arises. This is my special Prayer request to you. You know that my ministry focus is Himalayan Region (Nepal, Tibet, North East India, Bhutan and Myanmar). I would like to set up a training center in early 2007 where I can train 20-25 emerging leaders who have been called to preach the gospel so that I can send them to their respective places to plant new churches. I have rented a building flat to prepare for this purpose. I look forward to your double involvement to the ministry we are doing. I know you can not go but you can send them and I know we together can make it happen. In 2008 His Will Ministry Int. supported 100% of the cost of the Evangelist training course and we graduated 24 young men and women that are now not only on fire for Christ but equipted to reach their world.  They are now part of our certified partner list.   ( see training page  and  Certificate page )
The Church of the Good Shepherd

Mindanao, Philippines

Pastor Felisa ( the one with the guitar) has nine other pastors below her in their work in the Philippines.  The Picture to the right is their Bible training center.  Pastor Felisa and her teachers train young men and woman in the art of evangelism and general Bible knowledge. 

The ministry has no motor vehicles for the pastors.  The pastors go out to their areas and start new churches.  They have no support other than what the Lord provides. 

Just recently the island was struck with heavy rains and mudslides.  Praise God none for the pastors were injured.  Sadly several lost the little they had.  Pastor Felisa may not see some of the pastors for a year at a time.  Some of the pastors have chosen to evangelize very remote areas.  Pastor Felisa has been led by the Lord to help prepare these willing souls to spread the Gospel of Jesus to the Philippines.

The picture to the left is one of the out reach churches.  As you can see the building is put together from local materials and would not hold up to much weather.  If fact the Church of the Good Shepherd's main building was blown down during a hurricane last year and has only been partially rebuilt.

The picture to the left is Pastor Felisa and the kids of one of their outreach churches.  We may not be able to go to the Philippines at this moment but we can help them by supporting their efforts in prayer and financially.  We at His Will Ministry have made a personal commitment to provide both prayer and financial support to this partner ministry. 

Another new feature of the newsletter each month will be to
highlight ministries that we at His Will Ministry support.  I feel that this will give you a better idea of some of the outreaches we at His Will Ministry have.  The Voice Of God Ministries Inc  is operated by Pastors Davies and Loveness Nderema.  God is opening doors for their ministry, this November they  will be going to Zambia then Tanzania and Kenya. In Kenya itself there are five places they will have to minister. Pastor Davies  just received an invitation to conduct a Prophetic Conference in Liberia, As you  know they  have gone through terrible war, it needs revival indeed. One of the prayer needs is  the establishment of ZOMBA WORLD OUTREACH CENTER. This center will serve as Training, Administrative, Mission, Resource and Conference Center for their  ministry. Pastor Davies feels that  now is the time that this center has to be in full operation. His heart is crying to fulfill the mission God has given them is twofold hence; Conducting Conferences and Media.  Pastor Davies e-mailed me these words just the other day. 
"I had a wonderful time in those seven days fasting and praying. One word which kept coming in my heart is THIS IS HARVESTING TIME, THE HARVEST IS RIPE. this has been coming during the fasting and its still burning in my heart. " 
Please keep this ministry in your prayers.   
Pastor Davies and
Loveness Nderema

Donated PA in use at revival

Hello, my name is Elizabeth and my husband's name is Donald. A few  years ago, we decided to go online.  Upon our arrival there, we found so much sin being propagated and we asked God to show us how we might use the internet to let His light shine and share the gospel around the world.  It wasn't long before we started an online prayer ministry and website, "Global Prayer Warriors".  The warriors came from around the world and the prayers went up for those in need.  Six months later, a request came to us for a 6 year old child in Oklahoma that was in critical condition and not expected to live.  The family needed some help financially and were sleeping on the floor of the hospital waiting room.  God clearly told us to email our group and ask for funds to help this family.  Within just a few days we raised several thousand dollars and the child's website took an average of 3000 hits a day.  It took three of us almost round the clock to keep up with the emails.  When we got ready to mail the many prayers and the money raised, God said, "NO"!  I want you to deliver it in person and minister to this family.  We weren't prepared to go and we really couldn't afford to go but the next day we were on our way.  I spent the night in the waiting room with the family and I was allowed in to pray for the child.  We shared and prayed and cried.  Before we left the next day, the child had awakened and was stable.  He is alive and doing well today.  Praise the Lord!  This was our first child and God used Him to show us what He wanted us to do.

We are now a tax-exempt, non-profit organization and our outreach has gone beyond the internet into the world.  We hope you will visit our website and read of all the things God has done and continues to do for His children.  We have been greatly blessed and I know you will blessed also from your visit.  We covet your prayers and God's will in all things.

God bless,
Donald and Elizabeth Ricard

Donald and Elizabeth Ricard

Gramma Pat is a great example of how our Lord can still use us at any age if we will only let Him.  When we first met Gramma Pat she told  Pastor A. J. she was to the point that she did not know what she could still do for God.  The pastor of her church told her "Pat the Internet is a fertile field."  The rest is history, Gramma Pat got a computer and on the net and has prayed for many, many people since.  Gramma Pat is one of our faithful prayer warriors. She will pray for your request until she receives a scripture from the Lord, then she e-mails the scripture to you. Gramma Pat has been such a blessing from the Lord to us. She is part of our prayer team here at His Will Ministry and we are honored to partner with her in prayer. Please visit her website, she is one of God's mighty soldiers, truly a prayer warrior. In our own experience with Gramma Pat's scriptures from the Lord we can testify that one person received healing scriptures and was later healed completely of cancer, just as the scriptures said he would be. The scriptures have been a sound counsel to Jay and I in many different situations, Gramma Pat is mightily used of the Lord.
Gramma Pat Went home to Jesus in 2008